MoH prioritizes family planning

September 20, 2023 6:27 am

[Source: SSMCCC]

The Ministry of Health continues to strengthen service delivery, training, necessary research, and data collection for family planning across the nation.

Head of Family Health, Dr. Rachel Devi, while underscoring the importance of family planning, states that they have increased their capacity-building programs in this regard.

However, Dr. Devi adds, they are facing challenges as the cycle of training and re-skilling staff continues due to the majority of health professionals continuing to leave for greener pastures.

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She strongly believes that more women will access services as their knowledge increases.

“There is also cultural context, for example, cultural and religious context as well. I mean, there are some faith-based people who wouldn’t want to use contraception but use other methods, which is fine, and we respect those decisions. But obviously, the woman has the autonomy to make that decision on family planning itself.”

Dr. Devi adds that they have also increased their presence in rural and maritime areas in terms of family planning awareness sessions to ensure women have timely access to such services.