Ministry steadfast to bridge gap in leadership

May 20, 2024 12:20 pm

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs is committed to providing extensive training in the area of traditional leadership, to help bridge the gap in leadership among youth.

In the lead-up to Ratu Sukuna Day, iTaukei Affairs Board, Deputy Chief Executive, Josefa Toganivalu brought attention to the matter as part of efforts to help convey the lessons of leadership laid by the late statesman.

Toganivalu says a leadership framework for iTaukei was developed in the recent Great Council of Chiefs meeting, as an outcome of Ratu Sukuna Day.

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“That is what we’ll be taking forward with us this year and also the other years in grooming future leadership for our Itoki communities. We have dedicated this year to education and culture. If you see the theme, we’ve stated that it’s celebrating visionary leadership through education and culture.”

Toganivalu adds the aim is to prepare learned leaders for the future.

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs has allocated $300,000 to cater for a three-day celebration to commemorate Ratu Sukuna Day from 29th to 31st May.

The activities for the three-day celebration include  Culture and Education Symposium, contests for students, exhibitions, and a lecture by Professor Steven Ratuva.

The main celebration will be held at Albert Park on May 31st.