Ministry concerned over drowning incidents

January 10, 2023 6:20 am

The Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary for Education Doctor Anjeela Jokhan

The Ministry of Education has raised serious concerns about the safety of children as a number of drowning incidents have been recorded during this school holidays.

Permanent Secretary for Education Doctor Anjeela Jokhan is urging parents and guardians to be more vigilant and know the whereabouts of their children.

She adds while children are supposed to be enjoying the holiday season, unfortunate incidents have changed that.

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Jokhan says it is saddening to lose children to accidents that could have been avoided.

“My plea to every child is just to be careful, we know this is cyclone season, adverse weather conditions when you have to go shopping, go when there is no flood and take some adult with you. The worst thing is you want to swim in flooded waters, so please do not do that, your parents will suffer a lot if something happens to you.”

Jokhan says students now have three weeks of holidays left, and while they need to enjoy their break, it is important to keep them safe.

The Education Ministry recently announced that classes for students will begin on February 6th, while teachers will report to school for official duties on January 30th.