Measures in place to retain skilled workers: PM

February 23, 2024 4:43 pm

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka

In a bid to address the issue of skilled workers leaving Fiji’s shores, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka emphasizes the importance of bolstering the nation’s capacity for producing its own workforce.

Speaking directly to staff at the Lautoka Port today, Rabuka stresses the pivotal role they play as custodians of Fiji’s entry point, while outlining strategies to mitigate the reliance on overseas employment opportunities.

During his address at the Lautoka Port, Prime Minister Rabuka articulates concerns regarding the departure of skilled workers, a trend that has posed challenges to Fiji’s economic and developmental landscape.

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“Our employment market is not big enough to absorb the numbers that are coming out of our schools and training institutions. There is also a need for skilled workers to be absorbed into the workforce of Fiji. You will note that the government has re-introduced technical education and training.”

Recognizing the significance of retaining skilled talent within the country, Rabuka states the imperative of reducing the dependency on overseas employment avenues.

Rabuka also reiterates the vital role they play in safeguarding the Lautoka Port, which serves as a critical gateway for trade and commerce in Fiji.

“I congratulate you for handling that big liner that came ashore a few days ago. The majestic princess. Many of those were seeing Fiji for the first time. Many of them were seeing Fijians work for the first time. You are the gate.”

The Prime Minister was also taken on a tour of the Lautoka Port and wharf.