LTA records fraudulent activities in driving schools

May 11, 2024 4:52 pm

The Land Transport Authority

The Land Transport Authority has received a significant number of complaints on fraudulent activities in driving schools around the country.

This as driving schools accept payment to authorize completion of training for student drivers.

Acting Chief Executive, Irimaia Rokosawa says they are closely working with other stakeholders, in search of a solution for the unlawful practice.

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Rokosawa says they have taken a bottom-up approach to tackle the issue.

“If you do not follow the proper process, we will address this through your infringements. In terms of our policy, if you incur more than six traffic infringements during your provisional license holding phase, you are called for show causes. We are starting from those probably drivers that are still in the infant stage.”

Rokosawa reveals they have conducted over 1,000 show causes this fiscal year.

“From August to April, we have conducted about 1,353 show causes. So, there were about 54 counselling, close to 1,200 were given warnings, and 124 either had their license cancelled or suspended.”

The Land Transport Authority has issued a stern warning for Fijians to follow the proper process if they intend to hold a driver’s license.

It also encourages people to alert authorities of any fraudulent activity.