Korociriciri road and drainage system in disrepair

March 20, 2024 12:44 pm

The Korociriciri road in Nausori

Residents of Korociriciri in Nausori are expressing ongoing concerns regarding the frequent flooding affecting their community.

Despite repeated appeals to authorities, their cries appear to have been ignored leaving them to deal with the consequences of inadequate infrastructure.

In an interview with FBC News, longtime resident Ganesh Jai Mani conveyed frustration over the lack of action to address the flooding issues.

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He emphasized the urgent need for repairs to Korociriciri Road and its drainage system noting that the recurring floods disrupt daily life including work and school activities.

Mani highlighted the aggravating impact of the recently developed Korociriciri subdivision on their flooding woes.

The expansion of surfaces from the new subdivision has intensified surface runoff leading to more frequent and severe floods in the area.

Residents are now calling on relevant authorities to intervene urgently and provide assistance.

They stress the importance of implementing effective flood mitigation measures to alleviate the hardships endured by the community.

The residents of Korociriciri are pleading with the Fiji Roads Authority to heed their concerns and undertake repairs to the drainage and road infrastructure.