Japan proposes for Strategic Dialogue on Law

January 9, 2024 4:37 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

The Japanese Ministry of Justice has proposed the initiation of a Strategic Dialogue on Law and Justice with Fiji.

During a meeting today, Japan’s Assistant Vice Minister of Justice Shibata Noriko engaged with Attorney-General Siromi Turaga and other government officials falling under the AG’s Office.

Noriko emphasizes that the primary objective of this proposed dialogue is to establish a platform for ongoing discussions on matters related to law and justice.

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He is confident that despite potential differences in legal systems, Japan’s extensive experience can contribute to the creation of a unique system that integrates elements of the common law and European civil law systems offering valuable insights to Fiji.

“Thus paving way towards building mutual understanding and trust and strengthening our cooperation.”

Noriko indicated that Japan is considering hosting the inaugural Strategic Dialogue in Tokyo in July.

Turaga welcomed Japan’s partnership in contributing to Fiji’s journey towards building a sustainable economy, promoting trade and exploring economic opportunities.

“Japan’s commitment to the Pacific region is exemplified by the Pacific Islands Leaders meeting where the Pacific Bond Policy outlines priority areas of support including COVID-19 response and recovery, sustainable oceans, climate change resilience, economic development and people to people exchanges.”

Turaga emphasizes Japan’s consistent support in critical areas such as healthcare, maritime activities, climate change, environmental conservation, and disaster prevention, underscoring Japan’s commitment to fostering sustainable development.