iTaukei administration review consultation underway

June 11, 2024 6:32 am

The iTaukei administration system is expected to undergo a major review and assessment based on the current provincial consultation that has begun in the Northern Division.

Review committee chair Dr Ratu Jone Baledrokadroka says after 150 years of a special Fijian administration system, there seems to be a lack of trust by the people in its roles, functions, and structure, which calls for a review based on its effectiveness and efficiency.

The system was established in 1875 during the colonial administration of Governor Sir Author Gordon on the native protection policy together with the traditional Fijian leadership system, which still exists to date despite numerous reviews in the past.

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“There was a Speight report, a Burns report, a Nayacakalou report, a Lasaqa report, a Cokanauto report, and even a Pricewater report in 2002, but they were not accepted by the leaders back then because they lacked the political will and pushbacks considering the change that was needed.”

Dr Baledrokadroka adds that if the administration system is not delivering what is needed by the people, then it needs to be fixed, or if it does not work anymore, then remove it.

The review includes the iTaukei Affairs board, provincial councils, Tikina councils, and even the position of Roko.

Today the iTaukei administration review committee will be in Yaroi village hall for the people of Cakaudrove and later tomorrow at the Naulumatua house in Bua.