Inspiring young Fijians is vital says Mervyn

March 7, 2024 10:03 am

[Photo: Supplied]

Youths are the highest-risk population for human trafficking, and many child victims are students within the Pacific educational system.

This has been highlighted by Broderick Mervyn at the recent Youth Voices and Action in Countering Trafficking Persons Training in Lautoka.

He adds that the Pacific Islands have permeable borders, insufficient manpower, and inadequate resources to prevent human trafficking.

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Mervyn says vulnerable groups are in danger of exploitation due to their limited economic foundation and high unemployment rates.

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He adds that the Pacific region is largely dependent on sectors of the economy that have complicated international supply chains and are frequently vulnerable to labour abuses.

Mervyn adds that it can be difficult to have conversations regarding human trafficking with young people.

He says we should inspire young people to cherish themselves and their loved ones, as well as their strengths and future goals.