Prasad acknowledges staff at Sigatoka Hospital

January 8, 2024 4:34 pm

Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad has expressed his admiration for the Sigatoka Hospital staff’s dedication to total quality management.

During his tour of the hospital, Prasad highlights the evident commitment to excellence in cleanliness and organizational practices.

He commends the staff for their unwavering efforts to provide top-notch healthcare services to the Fijian community.

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The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledges the crucial role played by the hospital in meeting the healthcare needs of the citizens.

Addressing a significant concern raised during his visit, Prasad highlights the challenges associated with staff attrition.

He assures that there is ongoing work to address this issue and implement measures aimed at retaining the hospital’s valuable workforce.

“While we continue to train our people, we also train our people. We also have to ensure that we are able to replace those that we are losing, you know, to overseas where there is now a huge demand, particularly Australia and New Zealand and it is quite interesting the problem to deal with and challenging as well.”

Prasad also stresses the importance of a stable and dedicated healthcare team in delivering consistent and high-quality healthcare services to the people of Fiji.

He continues to tour the West.