New Wellness Unit opens in Tavua

January 8, 2024 4:03 pm

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A new Tavua Health & Wellness Unit has opened at Tavua Hospital.

The unit is a collaboration between the Fiji Water Foundation, Empower Pacific, and the Fiji Government.

It is fully funded by the Foundation and constructed by Empower Pacific.

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The Unit will provide direct access to mental health services for 5,000 individuals, with an additional 500 receiving crucial medical supplies.

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Semisi Lotawa, Fiji Water Foundation Director, notes that this initiative reflects the broader spectrum of their work.

The Foundation aims to bring about impactful changes in various thematic areas such as access to clean water, education, and sustainable community development.

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Lotawa emphasizes that the unit is a critical component of this vision, serving as a sanctuary for employees, their families, and the wider community in Tikina Naiyalayala and Yaqara Valley.

He states that the unit is setting a new standard for care in the community.

Lotawa further expresses their commitment, highlighting the Tavua Hospital as a pillar of healthcare for Fiji Water employees and the partner community in Tikina Naiyalayala in the Yaqara Valley.