GCC holds non-political role

March 3, 2024 12:34 pm

[File Photo]

The Great Council of Chiefs is becoming a unique institution which is a major step towards guaranteeing the security and protection of the iTaukei people.

According to the GCC Chair, Ratu Viliame Seruvakula the GCC long regarded as a central institution for indigenous Fijian governance is now redefining its role to transcend politics and focus on safeguarding the interests of the iTaukei community.

Ratu Viliame emphasized the importance of this transformation.

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“And it’s very important at the Great Council of Chiefs level. For chiefs, one of the challenges to vanua leadership is when chiefs start changing their minds, you know. One decision today, another one tomorrow. So we’re trying to avoid going into that minefield, and we’re sticking with the rules.”

GCC Chair, Ratu Viliame Seruvakula

The GCC’s insistence that all members, regardless of background or status, participate without any political connection highlights the group’s commitment to non-political activity.

Ratu Viliame emphasized that there would be no exceptions to this rule signaling a clear departure from past practices.