French Embassy welcomes AFD's new representative

March 6, 2024 6:59 am

The French Embassy welcomed the French Development Agency Group’s new representative in Suva, Elodie Vitalis, at the French residence last night.

The French Development Agency’s regional strategy focuses on the challenges of climate change, green finance, biodiversity conservation and the Ocean we share, which directly resonates with the challenges of the Blue Pacific.

Fiji is among the region’s privileged partners and has already directly benefited from many regional AFD-led programs.

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AFD representative Elodie Vitalis emphasizes the significance of her role in aiding island nations to address climate change and preserve biodiversity.

“The mission entrusted to me is not only a professional challenge but also, and more importantly, a tremendous opportunity to a clause close to my heart, support the transition of island countries to meet the challenges of climate change and the protection of biodiversity.”

She adds that AFD will strive to support projects that promote adaptation to climate change, energy transition, marine and terrestrial ecosystems conservation, and sustainable and inclusive finance.