Fisheries Ministry enhances livelihood projects

May 10, 2024 12:20 pm

The Ministry of Fisheries is implementing livelihood projects to assist in alleviating poverty and raising the standards of living for people in communities, especially those in rural areas.

This includes providing Fijians with tools such as a tank system, an aeration system, a water pump, bags of floating feed, and a solar grid system to engage in aquaculture.

Last week, officials from the Fisheries Ministry toured Ovalau and Levuka and handed over this assistance to Tikina o Levuka under the trial project culturing tilapia in outdoor tanks.

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Tikina o Levuka representative Taniela Tamani says such projects assist in income generation and food security.

“This is one thing that we see that will enrich those of us living in the village. It will be great if more assistance and training such as this could be implemented, especially in the district of Levuka.”

Tamani adds that getting youths involved in this kind of project will also help steer them away from criminal activities.