Fiji Police continues recruitment amid resignations

June 7, 2024 12:27 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Police Force is actively recruiting new officers, with another batch expected to pass out next week.

This recruitment drive comes as the Force faces a wave of resignations, with many officers leaving for better employment opportunities.

As of last month, 41 officers had resigned, and just in the past two days, the Acting Police Commissioner signed off on approximately 10 more resignations, bringing the total to about 51 recent departures.

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Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew

Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew revealed that the new recruits are intended to fill the numerous vacant positions within the organization.

“Last year alone, 181 officers left the organization, and out of that 181, 92 were frontline officers.”

The Fiji Police Force has been undergoing a five-phase restructuring program, which unfortunately has only been fully implemented up to the second phase, with partial completion of the third phase.

The Force continues to seek government assistance to provide the necessary manpower to tackle the illegal activities affecting the country.

Despite these challenges, the commitment to filling the gaps and ensuring the stability and efficiency of the police force remains a priority.

The ongoing recruitment efforts are a crucial step towards maintaining law and order and addressing the personnel shortages within the Force.