Fiji Law Society supports MIDA review

February 9, 2023 6:18 pm

President William Wylie Clark.

The Fiji Law Society has pledged its support for the legislation review of the Fiji Media Industry Development Act 2010.

President William Wylie Clark says they support any effort that will restore the free voices of the media.

Clark says that a strong democratic country requires strong and free media.

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“Democracy dies in silence – and I think just listening to Fred’s harrowing stories today just reminds us all that the legacy that this legislation brings is about imposing that silence. So any process by which free voices can be brought back to the media – we support.”

Meanwhile many newsroom editors have in the past revealed that this legislation hangs as a noose over the heads of their journalists during the Bainimarama administration.

The media fraternity will have a new framework to work under but the Coalition government reassures that it will not be oppressive.

There are major changes expected in the MIDA Act review.