Fight against drug trade intensifies

May 24, 2024 4:45 pm

Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua says an intelligence report has indicated the existence of organized groups involved in drug trafficking across Fijian societies.

Responding to a question from Opposition Member of Parliament Naisa Tuinaceva, the Minister elaborated on the nation’s ongoing struggle against the proliferation and distribution of drugs.

The Home Affairs Minister says they are committed to bringing individuals involved in the drug trade to justice.

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“The drug situation in Fiji, as we understand it, is controlled not only by people who come from abroad who bring these drugs here but also by those who come from abroad. There are those who are involved in these operations in Fiji, and this has been going on for a while.”

Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua

Tikoduadua stresses that individuals dealing with illicit drugs should not be condoned.

“We are all responsible for this. And it is part of our responsibility. If you know of people who deal in drugs in Fiji, then you must report them. We cannot condone these actions if we do not report them. We must report them. And the police must act on this.”

Tikoduadua says that in an effort to strengthen the fight against narcotics, the government will soon approve a new Narcotic Drug Strategy and establish a Narcotic Bureau.

He says these initiatives aim to equip the government with enhanced powers to address drug-related issues more effectively.