Fee amendments loom

February 29, 2024 6:12 am

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Local Government reveals ongoing discussions regarding potential Town and Country Planning Act amendments.

This will allow an increase in fees for processing building permits and inspections that are given to municipalities.

Currently, for projects below $50,000, municipalities receive a 2.5 percent cut of $21.32; for projects over a million dollars, they get a 2.5 percent cut of $525.

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Permanent Secretary for Local Government Seema Sharma stresses the need for an appropriate division of fees.

“And for that work, they collect a very minimal fee, and we’re saying, you know, okay, the council’s, actually. Actually, they are the ones that issue the permits. They are the ones that are going out and doing the inspections.”

The Town and Country Planning Act is expected to be reviewed in the coming financial year, which will be aligned with the digitalization program for construction permits.