Demand for water tanks soar

September 24, 2023 12:25 pm

There has been a surge in demand for water tanks as Fijians continue to face disruptions to water supply.

WAF has received over 28,000 applications for the free water tank scheme.

Chief Executive Dr. Amit Chanan says while the applications are soaring, they will only be able to provide 2,000 tanks this year.

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He says they are currently working within the allocated budget, and they will continue installing more tanks in the future.

“So it’s a 2,500-litre tank, and you have to apply, and we do have a sort of register, and we are going by the region and implementing at this stage, so this year’s budget will allow us to clear about 2,000 more.”

Dr. Chanan says this initiative is crucial as it builds household resilience.

Under this scheme, WAF has given out close to 16,000 tanks to communities.