Delegation from Canberra in Fiji to strengthen trade

May 9, 2024 12:10 pm

Commissioner for International Engagement, Brendan Smyth. [ Source ]

In a bid to foster stronger ties between the Australian Capital Territory and Fiji, Commissioner for International Engagement, Brendan Smyth, emphasizes the importance of enhancing bilateral relations.

Speaking at the ACT Government Fiji Trade Mission held in Nadi, Smyth highlights the presence of a delegation comprising 12 diverse businesses from Canberra, Australia currently in Fiji.

Smyth says one significant facilitator of this important relationship is the direct flights between Nadi and Canberra, which has been cited as instrumental in bolstering trade opportunities between the two nations.

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“We’re certainly hoping to do so. We had a high-level meeting today with several distributors, and we’ve been talking to various businesses. So yes, we’re looking for two-way traffic. We want to see Canberra export to Fiji. We want to see Fiji exports coming to Canberra.”

Expressing optimism about the outcomes of the trade mission, Smyth says this is the first of its kind from the Australian capital to Fiji, signalling promising prospects for collaboration.

Smyth reiterates the commitment to diligent efforts to ensure the success of initiatives geared towards enhancing bilateral cooperation.

Notably, he lauds the existing rapport between Fiji and Canberra, citing the inclusion of the Fijian Drua in the Super Rugby Pacific league, with matches being hosted in the capital, alongside reciprocal games featuring the Brumbies in Fiji.