Communicate a lot urged Vasu

March 26, 2023 12:19 pm

[Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/ Facebook]

Minister for iTaukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu has reminded provincial council staff, the council chair, and administrators in Lomaiviti and Kadavu to communicate a lot, love one another, and continue doing the great work of serving the welfare of itaukei villages and communities.

Vasu says good communication skills and teamwork will help them achieve more in service delivery in the province they serve.

He also acknowledged the work civil servants are doing in outer rural and maritime communities and urged them to maintain the culture and traditions in how they present themselves in iTaukei communities.

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[Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/ Facebook]

Vasu concluded his tour and visitations to all 14 provinces in Fiji this week in the province of Kadavu.

[Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/ Facebook]

He also urged them to work with the government, vanua and the church in serving the people.