Civil servants reminded to uphold the law

July 6, 2024 12:55 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

The former Chief Executive at the Office of the Prime Minister, Jioji Kotobalavu has emphasized the importance of striking a balance between politics and good governance to members of the civil service.

This is in response to concerns over the practice of nepotism in the appointment of individuals to various ministries of the government.

He says every civil servant appointed by the government are bounded by laws and expected to uphold the practice of good governance.

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Kotobalavu says any appointment should be granted solely on merit, in order to ensure fairness for anyone interested to work in the civil service.

“A minister can come and politely ask you, “Hey boso, I have a relative of mine for the job”. He will tell you to employ the person. What will you do? You know, in our culture as iTaukei … you respect what you have heard. If he tells you that … you say, alright, be careful of the law.”

The former Chief Executive at the Office of the Prime Minister, Jioji Kotobalavu

Kotobalavu has urged people with authority to always uphold the law in their respective departments and ministries within the government.

“So you’ll find that the law gives you authority or power as a decision maker, but it also tells you what you should be aware of in protecting the rights of those who are adversely affected by it.”

The Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has also reminded every decision-maker to avoid favoritism in the appointment of people to the government.

“So, they should continue to work in accordance with the power given to them by the constitution. Also be aware of the demands of the people and the political government of the nation.”

The Coalition Government says they have undertaken efforts to review and reform the civil service, as part of their endeavor to improve the operation of the government.