Cardiovascular conditions underdiagnosed

November 29, 2023 4:20 pm

Cardiologists in Fiji assert that cardiovascular disease frequently goes unnoticed.

According to interventional cardiologists at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, the prevalent symptoms are often dismissed by the public.

Therefore, they intend to heighten awareness about this issue in the public domain.

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CWM Interventional Cardiologist Doctor Shahin Nusair underscores that a significant number of patients succumb to their conditions without receiving the necessary medical assistance or intervention.

“I think to be honest it is slightly underestimated because a lot of people don’t know that we have the service so unfortunately a lot of patients who are walking around with a very low heart and unfortunately die without a pacemaker we don’t get to know about them.”

Cardiologist Dr Bharat Bali emphasizes that awareness is needed in the country about the symptoms and available health services.

He also says that a likely solution for cardiovascular disease can be pacemaker surgery which is generally a risk-free procedure.

“Its not a big procedure its pretty straightforward of course there is certain risks associated but the risk benefit ratio, the benefit far out ways the risks and if a patient has a complete heart block most of them die within a few months with out any intervention so its a life saving procedure.”

Pacemaker insertion has been carried out in the country by visiting medical teams for many years now, and cardiologists are advising Fijians to visit their local hospitals if they experience slow heart rates.