Brace for more rain says Prakash

February 10, 2024 4:44 pm

The wet weather condition is expected to continue until next week, as, according to the Fiji Meteorological Service, an active trough of low pressure and strong winds associated with Tropical Depression TD05F is approaching the country from the west.

Acting Director Bipen Prakash says the system is expected to bring heavy rainfall to most parts of the country later today, while strong winds are also expected in parts of the country tomorrow.

Prakash says Tropical Depression TD05F was located 65 km east of Port Vila in Vanuatu at 2pm today, and it is moving in an east-southeast direction towards the southwest of Fiji Group.

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He says TD05F is located in a marginally favorable environment and may reach a Category 1 tropical cyclone by later today or tomorrow morning.

However, he says the environmental conditions are not favorable when the system approaches the Fiji Group.

“So by the time it reaches the Fiji waters, it is expected that it may become a tropical depression. It is likely that it will be downgraded to a tropical depression. The system is anticipated to pass close to the west or southwest of the Fiji group. So as such, we expect the active trough of low-pressure clouds and rain to affect the country, and it’s in fact already having an impact on parts of the country, especially the western division, from later this evening into tomorrow.”

Prakash says a heavy rain warning is now in force for the whole of Fiji.

“This warning is for the entire Fiji group because of the anticipated heavy rain, we have also issued a flash flood warning for low lying and flood prone areas across the country. The tropical depression can also bring strong winds over parts of the country, especially over the Yasawa and Mamanuca group, western and northern Viti Levu, northern Bua, and as well as Macuata province and nearby small islands. We expect strong winds which can be up to 45km which can gust up to 55 km/hour from tomorrow.”

The Met Director says they expected the weather to continue for at least a few more days.