Boosting women's financial literacy vital

March 9, 2024 7:22 am

Assistant Minister for Women, Children, and Social Protection Sashi Kiran highlights the pressing need for enhanced financial literacy and management among women.

Kiran says that despite advancements in gender equality, women continue to grapple with societal expectations that hinder their ability to secure financial stability and savings for future security.

She adds that many employed women are deprived of the freedom to tend to their personal needs due to societal pressures demanding their attention be diverted to other responsibilities beyond their own.

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“We do see women, who are working women and women in leadership, who are able to earn enough, there’s a huge expectation from society, and they end up losing a lot and not being able to save enough for their own health and social security.”

Kiran also reveals the vulnerability experienced by women, particularly in times of widowhood.

“We find women when they become widows, which has been brought out again and again. They lose property. They lose a place to live. And so it’s important for women to have that sense of security, and we need to talk as a society about how we create financial stability and security.”

The Assistant Minister for Women is urging women to prioritize financial stability by investing in their health and properties to enhance their sense of security.