2023 crushing begins at Labasa Mill

June 1, 2023 12:26 pm

Labasa Sugar Mill Workers

The Labasa Sugar Mill has commenced its crushing season for 2023.

Turaga Na Tui Labasa, Ratu Jone Qomate tipped the first load of cane yesterday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ratu Jone emphasized the need to nurse and treat the soil in sugarcane farms with a lot of respect, as most of the soil in sugarcane-farm areas have been deemed unhealthy.

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Ratu Jone says there should be a new systematic and scientific approach towards the cultivation of sugarcane, to achieve maximum yield and harvest.

“For example, the farmer and FSC field staff can take soil samples to SRIF to test and analyze, and then SPF can blend fertilizer according to the analysis and of course adding lime also to the soil. For this approach to work, there has to be a binding agreement between FSC and farmers that these points are followed before the cane planting grant is approved.”

Turaga Na Tui Labasa, Ratu Jone Qomate

Ratu Jone says the old practices and traditions must cease as expected sugarcane tonnage have not been achieved over the past few years.

Ratu Jone says if FSC shares the same perspective, it will benefit them a lot.

Labasa Mill is expected to crush 634, 000 tonnes of cane this season, which is scheduled to be completed by October.