13 front court on alleged meth charges

January 29, 2024 2:07 pm

Thirteen people charged in relation to the seizure of more than four tonnes of methamphetamine in Nadi appeared in the Nadi Magistrates Court this afternoon.

These include 32- year -old Justin Ho, 44-year David Heritage, 22-year Louie Frank Logaivau, 40- year Issac Lesiyanawai, 44-year Ratu Aporosa Davelevu, 30-year Sakiusa Tuva, 29-year Iosefo Roqica, 27-year Maika Yabakivou, 30-year Ratu Osea Levula, 31 year Cathy Tuirabe, 29-year Nancy Mateyawa, 42-year Jale Aukerea and 29-year Keanie Mcpherson

They are charged with unlawful importation of illicit drug, unlawful possession of illicit drug, possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime, relating to the importation and transportation of the illicit substances with the estimated street value of more than two billion dollars.

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The defense lawyers argued that their clients need to be released on bail as they have been in custody for more than 48 hours.

However this was strongly objected to by Acting Director of Public Prosecution, John Rabuku due to the seriousness of the offense.

The matter has been stood down as Magistrate Jioji Boseiwaqa is expected to make a decision on their bail later at 2.45pm.

Meanwhile, earlier today Assistant Commissioner of Police Crime, Mesake Waqa confirmed that the illicit substance arrived in Fiji in late December, and the exchange of the shipment of methamphetamine believed to be made outside of Fiji’s Exclusive Economic Zone, and the packages were delivered via a barge.

He also confirmed that Fiji was being used as a transit point and that the methamphetamine was destined for a foreign market.

He also said that some of the spillover was for the local market.

ACP Waqa says the investigation revealed that the accused persons stored the illicit substances at private warehouse.

It is alleged that more than three tonnes were transported to Legalega and later more than one tonne to Maqalevu.