Sabrina Carpenter bails out Barry Keoghan

June 9, 2024 3:45 pm

[Source: CNN Entertainment]

Sabrina Carpenter is bailing out her real life boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, in her new music video, “Please Please Please.”

The video kicks off with Carpenter behind bars, happy that a mystery person has bailed her out.

She collects her belongings as she leaves the jail, looking dazzling in fresh lipstick and a sparkling outfit.

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After she sees Keoghan being led into jail as she is leaving, she returns to visit him.

Upon his release, the two become a Bonnie and Clyde–type duo who keep messing up.

“Please, please, please, don’t prove them right,” Carpenter sings.

The tables turn when at the end, however, when Carpenter is seen passionately kissing Keoghan, only to reveal she has duct-taped his mouth shut and tied him to a chair.

Carpenter has had a big year, she made her her “SNL” performance debut and opened for Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour.