Women urged to make use of natural resources

December 9, 2023 7:15 am

The US Ambassador to Fiji, Marie Damour, is urging women to make use of their God-gifted talents and venture into business.

She highlighted this during the Annual Academy for Women Entrepreneurs market day yesterday.

Damour says Fiji is enriched with natural resources that surround Fijian communities, and they also have the natural talent to craft these resources into something that they can use to generate income.

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She adds the Embassy is willing to support women entrepreneurs.

“We would like to see is more women get involved, and I would encourage anyone is all interested to take a look at the US Embassy Suva Facebook page and we often list opportunities not just for women but other educational opportunities, other exchange opportunities, so if you haven’t followed our Facebook page that’d be a good way to connect with some of these opportunities.”

The US Embassy has partnered with the Women Entrepreneurs Business Council and the Makoi Women’s Vocational Centre to upskill the women so they can successfully start and grow their businesses.