Lack of civic pride in Lautoka City highlighted

January 11, 2024 4:28 pm

Lautoka City [File Photo]

In a bid to address a major issue in Sugar City, the municipal council responsible is raising awareness about the lack of civic pride among residents.

Chief Executive Mohammed Khan expresses his concern regarding the recurring vandalism of newly built facilities, indicating disconnect between the community and the upgrades intended for their benefit.

According to Khan, this trend is not only disheartening but also counterproductive to the council’s mission of raising the standard of services for the residents of Lautoka.

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“One of the major things that we face is the lack of civic pride ownership. We build, we create state-of-the-art facilities, and currently, we put these digital parking meters. And people have gone around and vandalized the broken screens and solar panels.”

Khan stresses they are working on the importance of instilling a sense of civic pride among residents.

He believes that for the community to truly thrive, there must be a collective effort to appreciate and take ownership of the developments provided by the council.

To address this challenge, the Lautoka City Council is using social media platforms to create awareness and foster a sense of ownership among residents.