Construction sector seeks education solutions

December 6, 2023 12:46 pm

[File Photo]

The construction industry continues to grapple with labour shortages and believes that education and training will play a vital role in upskilling its workforce.

Construction Industry Council General Secretary Alvin Singh says the skills gap left by labourers migrating overseas needs to be filled immediately.

Singh adds that the lack of quality, educated, skilled, and experienced labourers remains a concern for the construction industry.

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“It is a major concern because Fiji is losing a lot of people to migration. I think education will play a major role with the people that are remaining here. We need to educate them, skill them, and put the skilled people back into the workforce.”

Singh says they are working with stakeholders to uplift the standard of service delivery in the building sector.

CIC President Gordon Jenkins says learning and development can help shrink the talent gaps; therefore, they are looking at ways to build capacity.

Despite the labour shortage, Jenkins says Fijians have the capabilities and skills that need to be harnessed.