Businesses ready for school

January 17, 2023 4:50 pm

With school opening soon, businesses are preparing themselves to cater for the huge demand for school uniforms.

Suva Retailers Association President, Jitesh Patel says they have to do a lot of work to sew tailor-made uniforms for students.

Patel says they placed orders for materials in June so that there isn’t any disruption in the stocks.

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Suva Retailers Association President, Jitesh Patel.

“For operations of back to school, we start preparing quite ahead as lots of things have to be prepared especially for school uniforms, getting goods on time. So the preparation starts back in June, July to get the raw materials to sew the uniform.”

Patel says because of COVID the borders were closed in China which led to minor issues in the supply of goods.

“China has been under lockdown for a while it just opened because of COVID. So there were some supply issues getting goods out of there. But now it’s improving a lot.”

Schools will open on February 6th.