From public housing to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

May 22, 2022 6:50 am

The son of a single mother, born into a life in public housing, Anthony Albanese has achieved a long-held ambition of becoming Prime Minister.

He replaces Liberal Scott Morrison and becomes the 31st person to hold the nation’s top job.

A career politician, Albanese arrived in Canberra as John Howard rose to power in 1996.

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He’d studied economics at university but always seemed destined for a career in politics.

Albanese’s 26 years in politics have included just six in government, during which he held the infrastructure portfolio.

But his shift into the prime minister’s office won’t be completely new for Albanese, who briefly served as the acting PM in 2013, having become Kevin Rudd’s deputy when he returned to power.

He was joined on the campaign trail by his partner Jodie Haydon, who he met in 2019, the same year he became Labor leader.

Albanese first attempted to lead Labor in 2013 but lost to Bill Shorten, who served two terms.