TLTB embarks on comprehensive consultation with landowners

April 24, 2024 6:35 am

[File Photo]

The iTaukei Land Trust Board has embarked on a comprehensive consultation process with landowners across the country.

Interim Chief Executive Solomoni Nata says so far, they have visited 40 out of the 77 districts to engage with landowners on various issues, including leases, land development, land compensation, and other matters requiring clarification.

Nata highlights the importance of strengthening the relationship between TLTB and landowners to identify ways to enhance the services provided.

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“TLTB was established with the primary objective of assisting landowners in maximizing the returns from their land. This mandate was approved by the Great Council of Chiefs and remains the core focus of the organization.”

Interim Chief Executive Solomoni Nata [File Photo]

Nata says they collaborate closely with landowners to safeguard iTaukei land while also providing financial assistance when necessary.

The iTaukei Land Trust Board has established the Wealth Fund and other initiatives to assist landowners in developing their land and also in income-generating activities.