Concerns over safety gear neglect

April 23, 2024 4:50 pm

The Employment Ministry is concerned that certain employers are failing to provide protective gear to their employees.

Speaking at a World Day for Safety and Health at Work event in Suva, Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh emphasized that some employers are deducting wages from employees to cover the cost of essential safety gear.

Singh warns this is unacceptable and is urging employers to comply with rules to ensure there are no mishaps.

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Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh at the World Day for Safety and Health at Work event in Suva

The Minister reiterates that it is the duty of the employer to ensure that all PPE is provided.

Singh is also urging workers to wear the safety gears properly, as lack of safety compliance has led to incidents.

“There are occasions where workers are provided with all the equipment but they do not don them, they do not use them. And injuries happen, and then it becomes very difficult. So it is something that we all have to work together as social partners to ensure that we are able to prevent any accidents or fatalities at workplaces.”

The Employment Ministry is reviewing the Occupational Health and Safety Policy to ensure it is aligned with the current working conditions.