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Fiji loses to Canada in Vancouver 7s

March 10, 2019 10:38 am
Action from the Fiji vs Canada match [Source: World Rugby Sevens]

The Fiji Airways men’s 7s side needs to win its last pool match against Samoa to qualify for the cup quarterfinal of the Vancouver tournament.

This after the Gareth Baber-coached side went down to Canada 26-19 in its second pool match.

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Canada displayed good combinations which saw them taking an early lead 12-0.

Terio Tamani then scored Fiji’s first try under the posts in the 5th minute before Sevuloni Mocenacagi leveled the score 12-all before heading into the break.

The Canadians came back strongly in the second spell as they back into the lead after a score from Mike Fuailefau.

Jerry Tuwai then made a brilliant off-load allowing speedster Aminiasi Tuimaba to run over the try line to level the score at 19-all.

The Canadian did not back down as Harry Jones scored the winning try to seal the victory.

Fiji meets Samoa in its last pool match at 2.02pm.

The Cup quarterfinals will start at 6.08am tomorrow, Cup semifinals start at 10.08am and the Cup final will kick off at 1.19pm.

You can watch the entire tournament live on FBC TV.

Spain upset New Zealand 26-24.

Pol Pla scored the winning try for Spain after the fulltime hooter.

New Zealand’s final pool match against Australia is at 2.15pm.

In other matches, Argentina beat Scotland 31-14, England defeated Japan 19-7, Australia lost to France 17-21 and USA hammered Wales 40-14 while South Africa defeated Chile 43-0.

M105:08AMEngland21 - 7ScotlandPool D
M205:30AMArgentina24 - 7JapanPool D
M305:52AMAustralia17 - 14SpainPool C
M406:14AMNew Zealand45 - 7FrancePool C
M506:39AMFiji36 - 12KenyaPool B
M607:01AMSamoa38 - 7CanadaPool B
M807:23AMSouth Africa43 - 0ChilePool A
M807:45AMUSA38 - 14WalesPool A
M908:37AMEngland19 - 7JapanPool D
M1008:59AMArgentina31 - 14ScotlandPool D
M1109:21AMAustralia17 - 21FrancePool C
M1209:43AMNew Zealand24 - 26SpainPool C
M1310:08AMFiji19 - 26CanadaPool B
M1410:30AMSamoa35 - 12KenyaPool B
M1510:52AMSouth Africa19 - 10WalesPool A
M1611:14AMUSA33 - 19ChilePool A
M1712:09AMScotland29 - 7JapanPool D
M1812:31AMArgentina14 - 33EnglandPool D
M1912:53AMSpain10 - 26FrancePool C
M2013:15PMNew Zealand36 - 12AustraliaPool C
M2113:40PMKenya21 - 36CanadaPool B
M2214:02PMSamoa17 - 31FijiPool B
M2314:24PMChile12 - 19WalesPool A
M2414:46AMUSA7 - 19South AfricaPool A
M2504:30AMWales35 - 0JapanCTQF
M2604:52AMAustralia47 - 7KenyaCTQF
M2705:14AMScotland25 - 5ChileCTQF
M2805:36AMCanada33 - 7SpainCTQF
M2906:08AMSouth Africa33 - 12ArgentinaCup QF1
M3006:30AMNew Zealand21 - 22FijiCup QF2
M3106:52AMEngland19 - 21USACup QF3
M3207:14AMSamoa12 - 35FranceCup QF4
M3307:46AMJapan22 - 14Kenya13th Place SF
M3408:08AMChile5 - 26Spain13th Place SF
M3508:30AMWales22 - 33AustraliaCT SF
M3608:52AMScotland14 - 19CanadaCT SF
M3709:24AMArgentina21 - 26New Zealand5th Place SF
M3809:46AMEngland33 - 14Samoa5th Place SF
M3910:08AMSouth Africa31 - 12FijiCup SF
M4010:30AMUSA5 - 33FranceCup SF
M4111:12AMJapan10 - 15Spain13th Place Play-off
M4211:37AMAustralia35 - 21CanadaCT Final
M4312:07AMNew Zealand26 - 19England5th Place Play-off
M4412:52PMFiji24 - 14USABronze Final
M4513:19PMSouth Africa21 - 12FranceCup Final

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