RWC 2023

Statistics reveal a new style of play

September 20, 2023 4:10 pm

When the Flying Fijians secured a 22-15 victory over Australia at the Rugby World Cup on Monday, their style of play shifted from flamboyance to resilience.

Surprisingly, World Rugby’s round two analysis reveals that Fiji’s offensive performance was notably less dazzling in their win against Australia compared to their opening-round defeat against Wales.

In their match against Australia, Fiji recorded 88 carries, which was precisely half of their total from week one.

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They covered fewer meters, produced fewer line breaks, and spent less time in the opponent’s 22-meter area with the ball.

While they had spent a mere 10 minutes in Wales’ 22 with possession in the first round, against Eddie Jones’ team, this statistic plummeted to just 24 seconds.

The significant contrast in Fiji’s performance was their ability to convert scoring opportunities from beyond the 22-meter line, accumulating 15 points against Australia compared to a score of zero in the initial round.

Their physicality on the field is reflected in their impressive third-place ranking for collision dominance in attack.