Relationship between Tuwai and Gollings steady

January 23, 2024 4:54 pm

Following the meeting with the Fiji Rugby Union Board of Trustees, two-time Olympian Jerry Tuwai and Fiji Airways Fiji 7s side head coach, Ben Gollings reveals that they have a healthy and positive relationship.

In a joint statement, Tuwai says that they have always had a great understanding and respect for each other.

He adds that they’ve shared memorable moments in the rugby world, and any speculation suggesting otherwise is unfounded.

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The Vanua Levu man says that they are on good terms and has the utmost respect for Gollings as the Head Coach for the Fijian 7s team.

The father of three has also reiterated that he is enjoying his time sharing his technical expertise with the Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s team and is taking pride in assisting the womens’ and coach Fuli with their 2024 season.

On the same note, Gollings echoed the same comments stating that he will always standby what he had always thought of Tuwai, a world-class player.

He also adds that he fully respects Tuwai for that and there are no issues between them.

Gollings says that he will always support Tuwai in his endeavours.

Moreover, they also emphasize fostering positive relations and unity within the rugby community and hope that their clarification will put an end to any speculation regarding their relationship.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post last year, Tuwai had posted about his grievances online but later removed it.