Ill-discipline proves costly for Fijiana XV side

June 15, 2024 12:32 pm

Ill-discipline led to the Fijiana XV’s defeat in their first Test against Japan.

This is according to their captain, Merewai Cumu

Cumu believes they could have won if they had followed instructions and paid closer attention to their play.

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However, she says that they will learn from this experience.

“We will go back and reset and look back at this game-see where it went wrong and I think we should learn from it.”

Cumu notes that they have moved past last night’s loss and are now focusing on the next match.

The skipper adds that they aim to present a strong challenge to the visiting Japanese side come next week.

The national women’s team will host Japan again at Churchill Park in Lautoka on Thursday.

You can watch the match live on FBC Sports.