Rugby League

Strong support system for Silktails

January 11, 2024 6:45 am

Fiji Airways Kaiviti Silktails coach Wes Naiqama emphasizes the importance of utilizing every training session and giving their best effort as the team prepares for a crucial season.

The current squad comprises mostly new players, with eight of them being in their second year.

Naiqama assures the players that they have ample support to aid in their personal development.

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“With the extra stretching, their hydration, we got a full-time physio who are staying at the top of their injuries so once they go on the fiel the direction will be good so… plus it’s going to get you better than you were yesterday and be the best version of yourself every day.”

With four weeks away from their first trials, Naiqama says he is content with the determination seen in players.

The players have been giving their level best and while the senior players have re-signed the new players look forward to putting pen to paper in the coming weeks.

The Silktails will play against the West Tigers in their inaugural match in the Jersey Flegg Cup on the 9th of March.