Rudr Prasad secures Blitz Chess title

January 23, 2023 11:40 am

[Source: Fiji Chess Federation / Facebook]

17-year-old Provisional FIDE Master Rudr Prasad secured the 2023 Vodafone Fiji National Blitz Chess Championship title with an unbeaten score of 11/12.

Prasad secured the win ahead of top-seed Candidate Master Manoj Kumar who came second with 10/12 and Goru Arvind who was third with 9.5/12.

CM Ronald Terubea and Prashant Sarup finished 4th and 5th overall with respective scores of 8/12 and 7.5/12.

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The Women’s National Blitz Chess Championship title was duly won by Provisional Women’s Candidate Master Cydel Terubea who amassed 8/12, while Jacquelyn Masilomani came 2nd with 7.5/12.

Ex-Olympiad rep WCM Gloria Sukhu settled for 3rd place with 7/12.

[Source: Fiji Chess Federation / Facebook]

Fiji Chess General Secretary Goru Arvind says Rudr’s win is a fine follow-up to his representation in the 44th World Chess Olympiad where he top-scored for Team Fiji with a solid 6/9.

Her adds Rudr is an inspiration to young chess players who think that veterans are hard to beat.

The Secondary School’s Division was won by Lewis Koroi of Gospel High School via tie-break over Makayla Sukhu of Suva Grammar High School who came second since both players tallied a solid 7/12.

[Source: Fiji Chess Federation / Facebook]

Upcoming player Zayne Elmond Keshwan of Jai Narayan College clinched third place with 6.5/12, while Ayush Chand of Jai Narayan College finished fourth.

Goru says it is pleasing to see a lot of youngsters coming to play chess this year.

[Source: Fiji Chess Federation / Facebook]

The Primary School’s Division was won by Lionel Vaurasi of Yat Sen Primary School with a score of 6/12 in his first-ever tournament, a feat that also won him the Best Beginner Award.

Yash Yuvaan Prasad of Deenbandhoo Primary School complemented his elder brother, Rudr Prasad by coming second with 6/12 on tie-break, while Latileta Masau of Suva Methodist Primary School came third.