Paris Olympic 2024 relay race a success

March 14, 2024 12:23 pm

With 134 days away from the Paris Olympic Games, the French Embassy organized a Relay Race at Albert Park this morning, a tradition that has been practiced for many years.

Close to 220 participants, including Para-athletes, took to the road in anticipation of a good outing in France later this year.

Fiji is currently the second country to host the relay race across the five continents.

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French Ambassador François-Xavier Léger asserts they are pleased to hold this event as it is significant and special.

“This year, Fiji is the second country to hold the race again ahead of the 146 participants all around the globe. We have 127 countries taking part which is close to 15,851 to participants in this relay race and we are part of it.”

The ambassador says they’ll be supporting every athlete who’ll represent the country in Paris.

The Paris Olympics will have 19 days of competition which is scheduled to commence on the 26th of July and end on the 11th of August.