Masters swimming event a success

July 8, 2024 4:20 pm

Fiji’s first Swim Masters competition that was held on the weekend was a success.

Some former swimming stars like Carl Probert, Sharon Smith and Matelita Buadromo were part of the event.

Many are expected to join the fun later and signs look promising for masters swimmers in the country.

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All over 18 years old are qualified as a Master swimmer.

Carl Probert with Sharon Smith

The times from the weekend event are going to be recorded by the World Swimming Federation and will be assessed for competitions in the future.

Olympian and former national swimming champion Carl Probert is optimistic about the future of Masters swimming in Fiji.

‘Trying and get everybody else active and I think it’s a great opportunity you know while we may have ended our sporting careers I’m sure there’re so many people out there wished they had participated more on sports or had some sort of sporting career so it’s not too late they can start right now and be competitive and the best part about it is its meant to be more social’.

More masters swimming competitions are planned for the future.