Maharaj wants to prove teachers wrong

February 1, 2023 5:53 am

Yash Maharaj.

Proving his teachers wrong is on his to-do list as Yash Maharaj continues to wave the Fiji flag at International Chess meets.

The former Rishikul Sanatan student developed his love for chess at 17 years and although has received a lot of criticism, Maharaj still followed his heart.

A young man so passionate about Chess, Maharaj says he is determined to continue giving his all to the sport.

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“It feels hopeful because during my time in college, my teachers told me it was useless so it’ll be great to represent Fiji for the first time, proving them wrong will be so ecstatic for me and it will give hope to other students that you can improve from chess”

The 20-year-old says he has had to teach himself through the years, and that is how he currently masters the sport.

“Since I don’t have a coach I watch YouTube most of the time and I have bought some courses online to improve my opening and I also play blindfold chess to improve my visual skills and I also play puzzles”.

Maharaj and the Fiji Chess team have more international competitions lined up next month.