Independence Day Motor show coming up

September 28, 2022 3:50 pm

FBC's Director of Sales and Marketing Vijendra Kumar (from left), Syndicate Club president Varun Raghu.

The Syndicate and FBC present the TotalEnergies Lubricants Motor Show in partnership with Vodafone supported by SCC which will be hosted at Constitution Avenue on Fiji Day.

After a successful Suva City Motor Show earlier this month, the club hopes to invite a bigger crowd next week.

Today, the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation together with the club put pen to paper to officially launch the show.

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Club president Varun Raghu says they chose to have it on Fiji Day as it can also be a family affair.

Raghu adds this show will also be different as with more than 50 categories, the trophies come in a different style compared to the last show.

“What we did, we planned the car show for Suva side so that at least we have a big hype going on in Suva so we are expected a better turn out then last time in terms of crowd and in terms of participants we have decreased numbers and you can’t stop numbers, last time we aimed for 150 but the turnout was 185.”

Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Director of Sales and Marketing Vijendra Kumar says FBC is always proud to be part of a big event such as this as it helps draw Fijians from all walks of life together.

“Everyone that was there, that’s was the biggest motor show in Fiji. And thanks to the Syndicate club, in terms of the team they have. And the crowd turnout was overwhelming.”

He adds following the success of the Suva City Motor Show, this is a partnership they want to continue within the coming years.

The Independence Day Motor show will be held on 10th October at Constitution Avenue in Suva.