Local league games is a must: Yusuf

February 6, 2024 6:48 am

Fiji FA Chief Executive, Mohammed Yusuf.

In an effort to keep football clean and growing, the Fiji Football Association has passed some laws in their council meeting on Sunday.

The Fiji FA has issued a stern warning to all districts to pay more emphasis on their club games if they do not want to face extreme measures.

Fiji FA Chief Executive, Mohammed Yusuf adds that they have given time for all districts to conduct their local league games.

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He has also stated that all senior districts should have at least six clubs registered while in the premier leagues, all districts should have ten teams registered under Fiji FA.

“All these districts. We have four phases, four windows and FIFA windows. We stopped the league games, and we’ve given three-week, four-week, two-week windows to these districts. They must run their local league.”

Yusuf further says two points will be deducted from their Digicel Fiji Premier League points table if they do not adhere to this.

“If they fail to host local leagues, then the points accumulated in the four national league games, they will lose two points.”

Yusuf is hopeful all districts will take note of this to avoid any unwanted decisions taken upon their districts.

Meanwhile, the DFPL will kick off on the 18th of this month.