Lautoka football may miss key Police players

February 2, 2024 12:58 pm

[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

Following the announcement that police officers will not participate in any sporting activities for now, the Tigers Lautoka Football side may be missing out on key players in the Pillay Garments Champion vs Champion this week.

Speaking to FBC Sports, Lautoka Football Association’s President, Shalendra Prasad, adds that this will be a big blow for them.

“Actually, I haven’t seen the report for the Fiji police force, but definitely it will be a sad day. And it will be sad for all the players who love this game of sports. And we’ll have to see whatever the commissioner says and review what can be done. But definitely Lautoka team as well as some other district teams will be definitely facing damages.”

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Lautoka has three key players in the force which includes their goalkeepers, Joela Biuvanua and Sairusi Bokini, along with their top marksman, Sairusi Nalaubu.

Their opponent, Rooster Ba, will also be facing issues as some players are employed by Fiji Police Force.

Meanwhile, Ba is aiming to win this weekend with two clear goals, while Lautoka just needs a draw to win the CVC series.

Lautoka won 2-1 in the first leg. The second leg will be played this Sunday at 3 pm at Lautoka’s Churchill Park.

You can listen to the game commentary live on Mirchi FM.