Digicel backs Rewa and Labasa for OFC outing

March 8, 2024 4:36 pm

[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

The Rewa Football Club and Labasa Women’s team have today received $30,000 and $10,000 worth of sponsorship from Digicel Pacific respectively for their outing at the OFC Men’s Championship and Women’s League.

Rewa Football President, Nazil Buksh, has thanked Digicel for financially assisting them as they prepare for the tournament, mindful that they represent not only Rewa but the whole of Fiji.

He has acknowledged Suva FC for reaching the final last year and is determined Rewa can win the Men’s Champions League this year.

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[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

“Suva was the runner-up and we aim to do one better this year and that is how the team is preparing. Preparing for the Champions League is not easy task it comes at a big prize”

Even Riyaz Khan, the President of Labasa FA, shared the same sentiments, asserting that the sponsorship has boosted the team’s morale, who are already in the Solomon Islands.

The OFC Women’s Champions League is set to be held on Sunday and end next Saturday, while the OFC Men’s Championship is set to be played in May.