Advocating safe spaces for youth through sports

January 24, 2024 12:37 pm

With the increasing crime rates and accidents involving youths, sports can provide a safe space for them to participate in.

This was highlighted by Mama Ashy Project member and Fiji Reprehensive Basketball player William Qounadovu during a Youth Talanoa Session organized by Bula Pulse Youth Network in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Youth Council.

“Sports is where we, for your information I am a Basketball player, so for basketball is where we go out and express a safe space for us, where we play together, where we mingle and where we understand each other on personalities.”

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[Mama Ashy Project member and Fiji Reprehensive Basketball player William Qounadovu]

Qounadovu stresses that the Raiwaqa Basketball Association can be an excellent example of getting youths involved in sports by hosting competitions for youths in Raiwaqa rather than engaging in crime and other activities.

“That’s one thing that every organization, every youths can learn from is tapping into youths in providing them with sports activities and we also have the Fiji Sports Commission that works closely with the communities and I think that if we can work closely with these types of organizations, I think there will be a safe space for all youths.”

He urges the youth council to look into creating these types of initiatives to help every youth from communities, not just by providing fun and games but, most importantly, by involving them in a space where they feel safe and better.