Zero tolerance for misbehavior: Feakes

August 2, 2022 12:50 pm

[File Photo]

Employers under the Pacific Labour Mobility Scheme have been informed that there is zero tolerance for misbehavior against seasonal workers under their care.

Outgoing Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, John Feakes says this has been strongly emphasized by their new government with plans to strengthen existing mechanisms.

Feakes says the current Australian government is committed to enforcing the rights of seasonal workers and guaranteeing their protection during their employment period.

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“There’s zero tolerance for any misbehavior on the part of employers and this government has emphasized this very strongly from the day it was elected that they will be reinforcing the existing mechanisms to make sure that employees are treated properly, housed properly, paid properly and have a safe workplace.”

Minister for Employment Parveen Kumar says engagement with their Australian counterpart has been productive, resulting in more Fijians being recruited by Australian employers.

“Some employers are very impressed with the manner in which our Fijian workers are trained. It’s also been mentioned that our people are very fast learners.”

More than 3000 Fijians are working under the PALM Scheme after the Australian Government opened its doors for seasonal workers in 2015.